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Buyer Beware

We are called every week by customers who need our help to fix bad installations from licensed and non licensed contractors who gave them a low bid only to install their flooring with sloppy workmanship, bad prep or no prep and inferior setting materials and promising a good job. A great job cost money for both expert labor and quality setting materials. Taking the low bid by what customers say who call us to fix bad installations, cost far more to fix bad installations than hiring Carls Flooring Service to do it right the first time! Craigslist.org warning: I'm getting more calls about customers getting ripped off from customers getting taken from fraudulent contractors who use someone else's contractor license number and getting deposits before starting jobs and never showing up. Never pay for materials until they are delivered to job site, there are a few real contractors on craigslist but most are unlicensed, unskilled and you will be held responsible for if they get hurt working in your home and for their income tax too. carlsflooringservices.com is licensed, insured, bonded and have years of experience to get your job done right.

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Tile job above came loose only after 2 years, bad prep!

Above hardwood job was not installed right, we came out to fix another contractors mess

More bad installations by low bid contractors, here is a laminate we fixed

Janetta of Temecula wrote us; "After having an inferior laminate installation with another contractor, i was wary of letting anyone else work on my home. Carl was able to correct the problem in one day! I really appreciate the fact that he's got over 30 years experience. Glenn did a beautiful diagonal tile installation! He was extremely knowledgeable and fully explained things to me in detail. Leave it to the professionals, and give yourself peace of mind. Thank you Glenn & Carl, for being so professional and affordable too! I highly recommend you to my family and friends!"

Above laminate had hung bump left from an unlicensed installer very costly fix, she hired Carls flooring Service.com to have it done right the first time!

Above shower was installed by an unlicensed installer another very costly fix, no moisture barrier or hot mop was used the shower leaked everywhere!