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Questions to ask

When hiring a company to install your new flooring needs you should ask some questions of the company who is giving you a quote. Our company has all the answers to the questions below.

Carl’s Flooring Service is under Carl Hoff the owner with over 30 years experiance and no marks on his record #558183.
Check all licenses at www.cslb.ca.gov

Carl’s Flooring Service does to protect your home in case of accidents.
Carl’s Flooring Service gives a 1 year warranty.
Carl’s Flooring Service uses fans to draw dust out of the house and puts plastic up to protect cabinets and furniture.
Carl’s Flooring Service does and we vacuum to remove all dust from subfloor to greatly help the new flooring to adhere to the existing subfloor. The biggest cause of floor failures is a dirty subfloor!
Carl’s Flooring Service does every time, this insures no costly leaks.
Carl’s Flooring Service leaves a safe site after each day.
Carl’s Flooring Service uses only the best, check our materials link on our web site, www.carlsflooringservice. com/material_links.html
Carl’s Flooring Service does to help meet your dead line.
Carl’s Flooring Service will never smoke in your home.
Carl’s Flooring Service can do any size job any time.
Carl’s Flooring Service can repair any flooring we install; we are certified installers for almost all flooring types
(Pergo, Wilsonart, Anderson, Mirage and many more).

To be a good company who cares about your flooring installation it cost money to install the flooring right. Going for the low bid is not the best choice, we get calls each month from customers to see if we can fix bad installations from low bidders who did sloppy work and used inferior setting materials to beat out companies like ours. Remember you get what you pay for; you get the best with Carl’s Flooring Service!

Thank You,

Carl Hoff