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Instead of replacing your worn hardwood floor, have us refinish it. Save a lot of money by having us sand and refinish your hardwood to a new looking floor. We have two ways of refinishing, one way if the floor only has light scratches and wear we do a screen sanding and apply one coat of top finish to bring the shine and life back to your hardwood floors. The other is to barrel sand the surface which removes about a 1/16" of the top wood surface to bare wood, at this point you can stain to a different color or leave the natural wood look. After your choice we apply a wood grain sealer and the next day screen the surface to a smooth face, than apply two coats of Premium Polyurethane finish in satin , semi gloss, or high gloss look. Please watch the movie below to see a full refinish job done to see all the steps it takes to have a new looking hardwood floor. We can in most cases repair water damage and other damage before refinishing to be far more cost effective than replacement. Let us look at your worn Hardwood today!

This is a whole house refinish, what a difference refinishing a hardwood floor can make Click on the picture below.

We will refinish your old hardwood floor to look like new, why replace - refinish and save big money