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Showers & Tub Surrounds

Our tile and stone showers and tub surrounds last for years to come, it starts with proper prep, using great setting materials, we use the State Of The Art "WEDI" water proof shower system and the years of experience needed to do the job right. We carefully set each job like it's our own, and leave with a clean work site and all trash created. Only the best for you. Hot mop showers are out dated and will leak. Wedi shower system Wedi shower system after tilingremoving a stone showerWedi shower system installationWedi shower system before tileing

Pictures above show demo of old hot mopped shower, shower has been leaking for a long time and owner waited to long to fix and replace. This resulted in a very expensive fix, they needed a mold abatement company to dry the area out and kill the mold before we could start. The cost was almost as much as the shower cost the install, rotted wood needed to be fixed and damage repaired.

The above shower system is a new product from Wedicorp. It is a water proof , mold proof shower system that weights about 80lbs on an average compared to the old outdated mud pack and hot mopped type which weighed an average of 1200lbs. With proper installation the Wedi system is water proof and can with stand movement of substructure and small slab cracks which break the old hot mop tar shower pan resulting in the damage seen above.

We can install most shower and tub resounds in as little as three days from demo to a beautiful finish. We can help you design your new dream shower and will give you a material list to buy your tile or stone from, we make it easy! We can move drains on most installs except post tension slabs which you will need to get a professional plumber for. We can also build pony walls and seating too. See below